Canoe Tours and Event Production

Camp fireEräkuru Ltd is a event production firm based in Mikkeli, Finland. We produce services for companies and for other groups of people, as well. We have been in business since 1992. Our main activity area is Southern-Savo but we also have some activities in the Metropolitan area. We cooperate closely with local accommodation establishments such like Anttolanhovi.

EräGuru. The products are specially directed to companies and communities. The outdoor activities base on wilderness knowledge and traditions, nature and games etc. which are simultaneously developing and fun. The activities and their locations will be tailor-made just for you and your group. We also produce cycling-, trekking and snowshoeing tours.

Event Production. We design and produce also tailor-made events on customer's needs. One example is the VIP camp services of Vaakuna Rally -race which we have organized already for four times together with Suur-Savo company and Mikkeli Rally Team organization.

Wild Canoe Saimaa. The product is specially directed to foreigners. We produce canoeing services at southern parts of Lake Saimaa, River Naarajoki and Lake Puulavesi. We rent canadiens, cayaks, tents, cookers, watertight packs etc. and we sell meal packets and offer transportation and guiding to our customers.

Work in High Places. Eräkuru Ltd is specialized in working in high places. Lately we have been prepairing for ex. windmills. The other special service is work safety education.